Well here goes…

This is somewhat of a first. When I mean first, I don’t mean exactly first. I mean first that is beyond an alpha, beta or any other greek letter.

I could bore people to death with personal details and other such blah blah blah but won’t. Life is too short and all that.

I will point out that I’ve finally took the leap of faith and dropped my first completed novel on Amazon for Kindle (see permanent blatant advert to the side or below or somewhere on the home page depending upin your device).

Gorig Cross took a fair time to write. I wouldn’t say I sweated blood and tears, more like months and years. If you fancy it give it a read. If not, don’t worry, I’m just happy it’s up there.

Current work in progress is somewhat different, being more comic in nature. I’ll post a few excepts as time goes by. Inbetween, I’ll add other snippets and half pieces. To start off though how about something standalone.

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