Elne – a snippet from Gorig Cross

Elne calmed her mind and let her thoughts spiral outwards to seek the threads of the Aspects. Weaving colours spun in her minds eye, dancing in complex patterns of shimmering power.

Feel their strength, tease them out.

She sought the blue filaments of the aspect of water and slowly entwined them in her mind.

Ah, peace, power, completeness.

With a deep sigh she opened her eyes and looked at the wound.

“Look at her eyes, Mommy,” exclaimed one of the many children in the room with a gasp of excitement. “They’ve gone all blue!”

A swift and quiet, shush, stopped any more comments but Elne was now well aware of the number of intense little gazes that peered curiously at her from all sides.

Unperturbed she traced the wound in the boy’s leg. It was not deep but infection had started to nibble away at the edges preventing it from healing properly.

There is the source of the fever.

Elne held her hands over the wound and gently squeezed them together. Small drops of water fell from between her clenched fingers onto the lesion, sizzling and bubbling as they landed.

Pull, coax and knit the blue.

She moved her hands back and forth dripping more healing water onto the wound, making sure that it had been utterly cleansed of any infection. Satisfied, Elne raised her hands to the boys head and tenderly stroked his fevered brow.

Rest easy young one, sleep sweat dreams.

Faint traces of steam came from between her fingers as the last drops of the water expunged his delirium.

Elne sat back, her hands now dry, and released the weave in her mind, watching the blue threads gently unravel. Taking up a clean roll of linen she bandaged the boy’s leg and tucked his bed covers back over him. The boy, fever now broke, sighed contentedly in his sleep. Tired, Elne nodded in approval, he would be well now.

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