The Dark Lord receives a visit from St. Nick

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all thro' the blockhouse All the creatures were stirring, even the damned mouse; The traps were all set throughout with care, In hopes that the St. Nicholas soon would be there; The goblins nestled all hidden beneath their beds, While visions of rotten plums turned rancid in their heads, …

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A Woody Moral

The trees in the wood, stood tall and proud. For each was content to be part of a crowd.   Yet just beyond their eaves, Stood one all alone. Just a mischance to where he had grown.   His nut it had bounced, His nut it had rolled. Ending its journey in a warm earthen …

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No rhyme, no reason, just jollification

“Set the diflugulator to maximum ungerscrunch.” “Done.” A booming hum throb of pulsation. “Crank up the turdledonk slowly… slowly.” “Check.” A rainbow cascade conflagration. “Now let me adjust the peddlequanch settings.” “Methinks one more peddlequanch notch and it will reach the kloddflack peak.” A whistling jet stream in exhalation. “Good, very good.” “Careful, we must …

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